Indices CFDs

Gain exposure to the basket of instruments making up the index in just one trade, with the accessibility to the world’s most popular Indices on all of DNA Markets’ trading platforms.

DNA Markets offers a broad range of global indices for CFD trading, including the Australian S&P 200, UK FTSE 100, US SPX500 and DJIA Index.

Stock indices like the FTSE 100 and DJIA represent blue-chip stocks, reflecting market sentiment and performance. Movements in any constituent stock impact the overall index value. Trading indices through our online CFDs on MetaTrader 4 or 5 offers a broader perspective by encompassing groups of stocks, rather than individual stocks, potentially based on future prices.



Equity Indices Spreads

DNA Markets offers competitive spreads across a range of cash indices, including the SPX500, FTSE 100 Index, Xetra DAX Index, S&P 200 Index. The specific spread values for these indices are designed to be attractive for traders looking to engage in index trading.

How to determine if a client is entitled dividend from Index AUS200?

To determine if a client is entitled to a dividend from the Index AUS200 with DNA Markets, consider the example where the ex-dividend date is the 18th of August.

A client must hold an open position in Index AUS200 before this date and maintain it through the 18th of August to receive a dividend adjustment of $2.44 per lot.

Whether this adjustment is added or deducted from the client's account depends on if the position is a BUY or SELL. For a BUY position, $2.44 per lot is added, whereas for a SELL, it is deducted. This amount is then converted into the client's base currency.

For the AUS200 index, the dividend adjustment is AUD$2.44 per lot. For a different index, like the US500, the adjustment would be in USD. DNA Markets might provide information on expected indices adjustments and the exact dividend amounts on their blog or resources, similar to how DNA Markets provides an EX-Dividends Excel sheet.

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