What is Signal Start?

Signal Start is a technology provider that created a one-stop turnkey solution for those who provide and follow signals. Some features include trade copying tested technology, industry-standard account analytics, a multi-broker platform, and a user-friendly interface (accessible from anywhere).

Professional Copy Service

Choose from a list of signal providers ranked by a proprietary formula that calculates performance based on consistency and return to risk ratio. Decide on the investment size and replicate professional traders' activity supported by robust copying technology and excellent customer support. Monitor your account activity through a powerful user interface with industry-standard metrics.

Why Signal Start?

Signal Start believes that a signal service should be a comprehensive solution for both signal providers and followers. The platform offers a user-friendly interface (accessible from anywhere), detailed account analysis using industry-standard metrics, robust and tested trade copying technology, 24/5 support, a refund policy, and a white label option for signal providers at no extra charge. This is not only cost-efficient, but also continuously evolving and improving based on user input - making it a dynamic and superior choice compared to similar services.

How Does Signal Start Work?

Signal Start operates as a one-stop-shop Forex signals service for both signal followers and signal providers. Users can use the platform's simulator to test different signal setups - the simulator processes the data in real time, providing exact hypothetical performance outcomes. This allows users to anticipate how different trading strategies might perform under various conditions. However, it's important to note that while the simulator can provide valuable insights, actual market conditions can vary and the performance of any particular trading strategy can never be guaranteed.

What You Need to Know Before You Start Using Signal Start

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Copy Trading with DNA Markets?

Copy trading with DNA Markets removes the complexities of trading forex and CFDs by allowing traders to automatically find, follow and copy successful traders through the popular trading platforms MetaTrader 4 (MT4) and MetaTrader 5 (MT5).

How do you set up Signal Start?

The platform of choice for trading, analysing the markets and using Expert Advisors.

Step 1

Fund a trading account with DNA Markets

New Clients

Open an account, visit our secure online application form and complete the simple registration process.

Existing Clients

  1. Log into our secure client portal and select ‘Open A New Live Account’.

  2. Once your account has been opened you will need to link it to Signal Start.

  3. Click the button below and we will begin processing your Signal Start request right away.

Step 2

Connect your trading account with Signal Start

The process is easy! Click on the button below and you will be taken to the Signal Start site where you will be asked to complete a quick online application.


Signal Start?

Signal Start is a professional signal service provider. They have a collection of authenticated signal providers for traders to follow and copy. In combination with outstanding customer support, Signal Start serves as a one-stop shop for traders to boost their trading abilities through a powerful, user-friendly interface with industry-standard metrics and tested trade copying technology.

Users can connect their existing trading account to Signal Start and gain access to all its facilities as a signal follower or a signal provider. Signal Start copy trades meet the 3 pips default slippage criteria, and in the case that a trade cannot be copied, to ensure optimal trade synchronicity, the trade will be retried until successful or invalid.

Trade signals take away the tedious process of constantly monitoring the boiling pot of market changes. It does this through recommendations developed by professional analysts and artificial intelligence software to provide essential information for when to exit and enter the market.

Whether you are a professional trader or a beginner looking to gain access to the financial markets, trading signals improve one’s trading ability in many ways. It does this by removing the hard work required in technical and fundamental analysis to draw reliable market conclusions. It also provides charts and explanations of a trade setup, which can benefit those unfamiliar with market analysis to learn from the analytical methods and thought processes of experienced signal providers.

Even though trading signals can provide a reliable course of action, the ultimate decision remains with the trader. Sound trading decisions come from trade signal recommendations and from a trader’s unique experience, clearly defined limitations, account management skills, specialty, and matured trading psychology. So, although trading signals are great, tools used by traders to improve trading ability should still be used with caution.

Copy Trading was established through the Forex market, and it involves copying the performance of another trader through automated means. With the arrival of CFDs, copy trading was applied to other markets and their instruments – including stocks, commodities, ETFs, indices, and crypto. To copy trade, you need to have access to a trading platform – such as DNA Markets.

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